You will love the modern, luxurious design, and watching your Frenchie nap in comfort. Due to heredity and breeding history, French Bulldogs can be prone to developing certain health conditions other dog breeds don’t see as much. Make sure you ask questions about the health of the parents and ensure they are all well cared for. Fawn is usually described as a tan in color, it can range from light to dark, and is a recessive gene. Quigley (blue fawn) Ranger (blue brindle, carries tan points) Sawyer (pure blue pied) Shazam (pure blue, carries cream) Wally (cream, carries blue and recessive black) Mothers with Puppies. The recent craze for these designer breeds have driven costs up and yet these dogs are not even allowed to participate in confirmation in most clubs. When these craftsmen began moving to France in the 1860s, they brought their toy bulldogs with them. These AKC grand-champion sired babies are gong to be absolutely beautiful. Their particular genetics makes French Bulldogs more prone to developing conjunctivitis (pink eye) than other breeds. Mum is a beautiful fawn girl and dad is a handsome pied boy. Normally, this wouldn’t be a huge concern. It's true that this coat color isn't rare for other dog breeds but for Frenchies it is. Are Frenchies difficult to train? I highly recommend these because of the durability and ease to clean. There’s a slight difference to the black and tan Frenchies. Coats other than short and smooth are a disqualification.”, “Markings and patterns are: brindle, piebald, black masks, black shadings, and white markings. Random stripes and/or spots dot the otherwise normal colored coats on these little ones. Breeding only the very best blue english bulldogs & frenchie puppies. Coat colors include brindle, brindle and white, cream, cream and white, fawn, fawn and white, fawn brindle, white, white and brindle, white and fawn, black, black and fawn, black and white, fawn and black, fawn brindle and white and gray and white. Dogs get sick and usually respond well, but extended diarrhea can lead to dehydration. This is a dark colored coat mixed with lighter color strands of hair and the most frequently found color in the Frenchie. Though she is a beautiful breed with a unique color pattern, Merlie French Bulldogs are considered a rare combination and can be prone to develop several health complications. Piebald Frenchies show a relatively white coat coloring and sport large darker colored patches on various portions of their bodies. You can see we’ve grown since last week. You also missed the breeding ethic, which is “ONLY BREED TO IMPROVE THE STANDARD”. Brindle, Fawn, Red & white We have standard colors and breed to the Bulldog Standard. Fawn – This is a light, yellowish-tan color that can have several different shades. As with lots of other breeds, the craze about all the various colors that follow now can create a false sense of them being desirable. We can thank the chocolate/brown allele for resulting in these chocolate coats. Fawn; Fawn Pied; Black Brindle; Black Brindle Pied; Why a French Bulldog? It can have a black mask, brindle markings, be piebald, spotted and/or have white markings. TRUE, BRINDLE & TRINDLE, SEAL, MERLE – There are at least nine different locations or loci on the chromosomes that have a combined effect to determine the color of a particular dog. Out of all possible colors, only a select few (top) are accepted by the American Kennel Club (and most others). How Much Does a Brindle French Bulldog Cost? The fawn hairs have black tipping this time. What colors and color patterns do Frenchies come in? Like most blue-colored Frenchies, these guys can range in price from around $4,000 to $10,000 which is absolutely ridiculous considering their lineage and lack of health testing in many cases. You’ve probably guessed, these guys usually take on a ‘milk chocolate’ color, terms that are often hated by advocates for this breed (or any breed). A dilution in the recessive color genes provides this breathtaking Isabella-blue coloration. Fawn French Bulldog The AKC perhaps favors the Fawn French Bulldog color above others (often minus bland chocolate fawn). This bastardizing of the breed has got to stop!! Blue Sables sport fawn coloration on the lower legs and head with a blue mask and blue-tipped hairs. Chance is our AKC grand-champion male which just means he has extra points moving him from champion to grand champion status. An average price tag of $20,000 also places this unique Frenchie as the most costly. I do not advocate for cropped/docked dogs and yet many people prefer their dogs that way (especially in the US, mostly illegal in European countries). You wouldn’t pay a premium for a runt, why would you pay one for a mutant. This type of blue French bulldogs has sort of dusky looking fur. With a grey-blue or reddish-pink nose, this is an attractive yet costly breed for many. Ebony is 18lbs. Hand raised Miniature English Bulldog puppies for sale to approved homes at times. All rights reserved. Breeding two French Bulldogs with the Merle gene can lead to severe health complications. Red Fawn French Bulldog- ... Blue Brindle French Bulldog– A less common French bulldog color is the recessive blue brindle Frenchie. Brindle French Bulldog has a base coat of fawn hairs through which black hairs extend in bands to produce a coat that can range from a tiger brindle in which fawn hairs predominate to the more common dark brindles in which the black hairs predominate. Are they good? Black and tan. Blue Fawn Brindle French Bulldog - Hello friend French Bulldog, In the article that you read this time with the title Blue Fawn Brindle French Bulldog, we have prepared this article well for you to read and take information in it. If you have a non-standard color such as a lilac merle French Bulldog female you will want to follow these directions. Puppies will usually have lighter coloring blanketing their cheeks, legs, and chest. Copyright © 2020 SEO Themes. They are designed with a bamboo and charcoal technology that emits a natural scent to attract dogs. No distinct markings will mar a solid-colored coat, offering a very clean, pure appearance. Not close by? You can read more here. Cream is a warmer version of the white and both are recessive. Black … Find quality, affordable French Bulldogs you will love for life.