It is believed that most of the stable beryllium in the universe was originally created in the interstellar medium when cosmic rays induced fission in heavier elements found in interstellar gas and dust. Both stable and unstable isotopes of beryllium are created in stars, but the radioisotopes do not last long. It depends on what isotope you are talking about. Paramagnetic Paramagnetism is a form of magnetism whereby certain materials are weakly attracted by an externally applied magnetic field, and form internal, induced magnetic fields in the direction of the applied magnetic field. 4- Theoretically it would not be possible to form a molecule from two hydrides because the anti-bonding and bonding orbitals would cancel each other out. Two superpositions of these two orbitals can be formed, one by summing the orbitals and the other by taking their difference. It is a paramagnetic diradical. In He2 (dihelium), the two 1s atomic orbitals overlap to create two molecular orbitals: sigma(1s) and sigma(1s)*. In other words, identify X in each of the following cases: X Electron Distributions Species X2. Thus, $\ce{Li2}$ should have been more stable than $\ce{B2}$ if we consider the number of electrons in the antibonding molecular orbital as the parameter of stability. = 1 stable diamagnetic b. With the help of molecular orbital theory show that Ne2 cannot exist as stable species . Favorite Answer. Chemical bonding - Chemical bonding - Molecular orbitals of H2 and He2: The procedure can be introduced by considering the H2 molecule. D) Be2 is stable and paramagnetic, but Li2 is unstable. Anonymous. B2. The molecule Li2 is a stable molecule in the gas phase, with a bond order of one. Part of this theory is the concept of bond order which gauges whether a molecular bond would be stable or unstable. O 2 + is more stable than O 2-.Because According to molecular orbital theory O 2 + has 15 electrons &it has one electron in antibonding orbital. = 0 unstable diamagnetic σ 1s ∗ σ 1s σ 1s. Click hereto get an answer to your question ️ Among H2 , He2^+ , Li2 , Be2 , B2 , C2 , N2 , O2^- , and F2 , the number of diamagnetic species is (Atomic numbers: H = 1 , … An atom is more stable when its outer shell of electrons is full, as in the case of noble gases. Answer. Take out one electron from the sigma_"2s"^"*" in this diagram: Is Be2+ stable or unstable? Please explain reasons. 74 pm) because the potential enthalpy of the system increases and curve shows an upward trend (dotted lines) and molecule becomes unstable. Still have questions? which response lists all the following diatomic molecules and ions that are paramagnetic (Be2, B2, B2+2, C2+2, C2-2, O2-, O2-2) B2, C2+2, and O2 which response lists all the following diatomic molecules and ions that have at least one unpaired electron (Be2, B2, B2+, C2, N2, N2+) A: No, Be2 is not expected to be stable according to molecular orbital theory. Based on this diagram, both are stable and diamagnetic. Which homonuclear diatomic molecules or ions of the second period have the following electron distributions in MOs? Ask Question + 100. Return to … However, this is not always the case. Q: Is the Be2 dimer expected to be stable? Get your answers by asking now. Be2+1. B2+1. Ask Question + 100. 1 0. As we saw in valence bond theory, σ bonds are generally more stable than π bonds formed from degenerate atomic orbitals. Answer Save. He 2 B.O. Diberyllium is thought to be non-existant. According to it: A simple MO diagram explains why $\ce{Be2}$ must be indefinitely unstable. Beryllium-9 is stable, and thus, not radioactive. Re: Why is He2 not a stable molecule? You are wrong. Molecular Orbital Diagram – Cl2, Br2, I2 3s & 3p and higher atomic orbitals are not so widely separated in energy and allow significant mixing (hybridization) to occur. 3- H 2 is the most stable because it has the highest bond order (1), in comparison with the bond orders (1/2) of H 2 + and H 2-. bond stability. 2 Answers. Answer Save. It is stable. How to solve: Use MO diagrams and the bond order from them to answer each of the following questions. explain, molecular orbital diagram ... the molecule is stable If Nb=Na, the molecule is unstable If Nb