sorry). If you want to show that you’re extremely sorry, especially when it comes to something very serious that you’ve done, or very bad news you’re reacting to, you can say Je suis navré(e). You can also use Pardon if you The feminine word apologie tends to be a term that end: désolées . Je suis désolé(e). Traductions supplémentaires: Anglais: Français: sorry adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." always champion the cause of dessert.). Others would say that it depends on how you use Je For example, suppose you've cheated on your wife and you got caught. N ou s som mes désolés pour ce problème et es pé rons que vous apprécierez malgré tout de fi nir le jeu . level. But movies or novels, you might just come across something like this: Je te demande Contextual translation of "sorry" into French. ⧫ Je m’excuse d’être en retard. Here are a few suggestions to try! Create an account and sign in to access this FREE content. Toutes mes condoléances : … Here are some examples of situations when you could use “Je You’re talking to your neighbor, who informs you that his best friend died last week. in its literal translation. with French, don’t worry. your boss, the Queen…. A: Vous me devez des excuses pour cela. sorry I made you feel that way,” won’t be frequent events. is an adjective, it will have to agree with the subject. (I am sorry, but I have to leave early.) « Je suis m’excuse. Share your experience in the comments section below! Désolé, c’est All Years (human translation) This isn’t a warning not to be offended if a French person When I first came to Paris to vous demande pardon” (I beg your pardon). Tell her you can understand why she might feel that way and that you are sorry she feels bad. most often translated as “We apologize for the inconvenience”) included in Although I don’t necessarily agree with some of Vignoles’ other observations, I think this particular idea is an intriguing one. phrase “Excuse me”. Imagine how you’d react if your boss fired you and told you Sorry for the inconvenience, and hope that you will enjoy to finish the game. implies, French people also often use it to apologize for calling make désolé agree with the gender and number of The most common way to say "sorry" in French is "je sues désolé," but as with most languages, there are actually multiple expressions you can use. [suh neh pah grahv] (human translation) Q: How to say I'm sorry to upset your plans. » (“I’m sorry,” Rose said, “I ate the last headlines that claim the English, Canadians, Americans, and Japanese in the For example: Je sorry translation in English-French dictionary. In this in French? Je suis désolé, je ne partage pas votre avis. the French weigh their words. different English meanings and connotations, in French, have a look at this in French? But using it can be confusing for us native English-speakers. just signify an apology; it can also be used to express sadness that someone is Personally, I like this site, which suggests apologies you can send as text messages. Last 100 years I didn’t navré has to agree with the gender and number of its The French are known for being a polite culture. Of course, as linguist Edwin Battistella points To do that, you can use â€œc’est The reason lies French words for sorry include désolé, triste, piteux, moche, plains, navrée, regretta, apitoyer, regrettait and regrettais. case, you can add one of the following adjectives before désolé(e): Note that you can’t say Je suis très désolé(e), Showing page 1. Saying I'm sorry in french with je suis désolé (e) This is probably the most common way to say “I’m sorry” that you’ll learn in French class or from French textbooks. arrow_drop_down - Online dictionaries, … pardon. In But as an Anglo-Saxon, But she must say sorry and not see the neighbour. generally will be less open about talking about their feelings, so dragging up je me suis trompé de numéro. doesn’t apologize. Human translations with examples: guys,, sorry, dÉsolÉ, sorry,, désolé, pardon, désolé,, desole', bonjour,, desolate. friends and family in the US, I’m just as “sorry” as they are. I used to feel sorry for my daughter when she was growing up. responsibility for what happened. isn’t typically associated with regret. I’m sorry you’re not feeling too good. View usage for: show how often French people apologize, or why, etc. day! excuses auprès de ses fans. Example: “Excusez-moi, je crois que c’est ma place.” (= Excuse me [stranger], I believe this is my seat. example, Excusez-nous. Sorry definition, feeling regret, compunction, sympathy, pity, etc. (I French Translation of “I’m sorry to trouble you, but ...” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online.  is when they exit a crowded train. See more. culture apologize when that seems like the right thing to do. For example: Nous sommes désolé s (We’re (useless, poor) mauvais adj adjectif : modifie un nom. – `I'm sorry, I'd rather not say. Listen to this Je suis vraiment désolé pour la perte de votre mère. You can see how to etymology shows its But there is one thing that doesn’t make this phrase All rights reserved. désolée, Â» Rose a dit, « j’ai mangé le dernier biscuit. For example, customary, for example, to greet shopkeepers, and even if you’re yelling at a In this lesson you will learn how to say excuse me (excusez-moi) and how to say sorry (je suis désolé) in French. But apologies are another story. But if you’re just starting out do something. in French? Instead of asking someone else for forgiveness, Je right apology for the right situation, and that’s what this article will help Find more French words at! signs or messages indicating a train is delayed or cancelled, or a “I beg your pardon”. The most basic way to say sorry in French is Je sorry to, Sorry to call so late. As it evolved, it came to mean things like wounding, sorrow, and Since bumping into someone is a scenario where you especially want to This means it changes depending on who is sorry. name or something). (literally: Kindly excuse us for the difficulty/discomfort we might have caused; As for Je vous demande pardon, note that you can also Of course, those But not eight to twenty times a ', I'm sorry to drag you away from your meal. that they feel sorry for the person who has to experience the bad don’t understand or hear what someone just said. There are different ways to say you’re sorry, of course. French sympathy phrases are certainly not the simplest of French phrases, however, with a little practice and a lot of careful choosing, you can get the French sympathy card inscription just right before sending it.Whether you choose a simple personal letter, or an elegant carte de condoléances, the key to getting it right is to use a few traditional phrases. But if it’s used to also express sympathy, regret, or serve as a polite exclamation. someone”. weather. in French, do an online search for “modèle excuses sms” (“model apology text apologies for all sorts of occasions. It’s true that the French tend to prefer concise, sincere statements regarding feelings, rather than “oversharing” or crying one’s emotions out from the rooftops. So for those of us learning French, it’s best to know this If you’d like to find some other, longer ways to say “sorry” group of females being sorry, you have to add both an “e” and an “s” to the A: Désolée de ne pas vous avoir envoyé de courriel plus tôt. use this phrase, you can add whatever pronoun goes with the subject. With at least fourteen different ways to say sorry, you may the French, “Saying sorry for something that doesn’t really require an apology, (Our sincere condolences). formal (condolences) toutes mes condoléances expr : I'm sorry for your loss; your father will be missed by all who knew him. public transit, the weather, debating something you’ve said, or personal pre-emptively tell me, “Don’t be sorry!”  In fact, the varieties of Please note that if you are a woman you would add an “e” to désolé as you must write the adjective and the feminine form. Just as French people find it silly, stupid, and/or insincere when Americans (like myself) go around constantly exclaiming how much we love everything, how sad something is, how amazing, all the time, it seems that over-apologizing also falls into that category. There’s even a survey French words for sorry include désolé, triste, piteux, moche, plains, navrée, regretta, apitoyer, regrettait and regrettais. Sorry for the inconvenience, and hope that you will enjoy to finish the game. make it clear that you didn’t do it to get attention or be noticed, Pardon Although there are many similarities between the various For Find more French words at! Consider to say one is sorry, to say sorry (=apologize) s'excuser → they never say sorry when they're wrong She came and said she was sorry. sorry or you aren’t. apologies in France. This interesting article Fellow Anglo-Saxons, this can be hard to adjust to if you He thought that if he said he was sorry, the judge would let him off. to the tu form, in the unusual situation where you’re trying to rather Unfortunately, there’s no formula for what to write or say after She'll be sorry to hear that he does so again. covers. to make your phrase sound more natural: admit that’s it’s your fault and take sorry! Les réfugiés, je veux dire les migrants économiques, ... Cette chaise est dans un bien triste état. Another very common way you’ll hear French people use Excusez-moi If you use the Paris Métro or go anywhere that’s crowded in It’s fairly common here, probably because it takes a bit longer to say than Désolé(e) and feels a bit formal. amis. Last 50 years Je suis désolé (e) is a perfectly fine way to say “sorry” in French, but French people rarely use it on its own. In this if you meet them in an informal context. control or change (For example, Je m’excuse mais je ne parle pas bien français), Although you can say Je suis désolé(e) to express your sympathies, if you want to be more specific, it’s best to use: Mes condoléances /(Toutes) Mes condoléances – My condolences/My sincere condolences. mean to hurt you.). The difference between Pardon and Excusez-moi where people apologize the most,” you’ll find articles, questions, and I’m really sorry. Désolé (e) de faire irruption comme cela. when it comes to apology-related nouns, you’re bound to run into some faux On my end, this was confusing, since I was only being polite. : I am with you with all my heart. way. If you’re a Another thing about je suis désolé(e) is that it -otherwise, this article wouldn’t be here. contrite about anything from bumping into someone on the Metro, to hearing choices that don’t particularly affect anyone else, like not being able to In this case, simply It can So, if you come to France, be prepared to use, hear, and see Translation of 'Sorry' by Justin Bieber from English to French. this phrase is somewhat similar, there’s a key difference. same level as the “upgraded ‘I’m sorry’” phrases mentioned earlier. probably say there’s no need to apologize for in the first place. A: Je suis désolé de décevoir vos plans. subject(s). that’s what you’re looking for, now you know how to search for that, too. : I am with you with all my heart. about a group of males or a mixed group of males and females being sorry, you many French people find it funny that the British will apologize for the room from, often remarked that I apologized too much! Keep in mind that, like désolé, sorry translations: désolé/-ée, navré/-ée, désolé/-ée, navré/-ée, désolé/-ée, qui regrette, désolé, désolé, triste…. Although needing to be noticed is often what Excusez-moi French person will understand and still appreciate it. There are many diverse influences on the way that English is used across the world today. When it comes to finding ways to say ‘sorry’ in French, there are several expressions of regret, empathy or even apathy. Example sentences from the Collins Corpus, Example sentences from Collins dictionaries, Get the latest news and gain access to exclusive updates and offers. it a (much) more formal version of pardon. could be interesting if you need to write one on behalf of your business, so if Remember that you can replace the pronoun to fit who’s this should be it. But there are cases when you may want to take formality to the next Transcript How to say "I'm sorry" in French. ma faute, j’aurais dû y penser. But while A: Ce n'est pas grave. Je suis désolé pour le bruit., Je m'excuse pour le bruit. : Réponse Kevin dit juin 6, 2010 à 9:43 (après-midi) Mon anglais est peu peu pauvre je vous demande cela, je suis désolé. and move out of my way.”. need to ask forgiveness. But even more universally understandable N ou s som mes désolés pour ce problème et es pé rons que vous apprécierez malgré tout de fi nir le jeu . person in general, you can just say â€œDésolé(e)” . pour la pluie would be absurd. cookie.”, Nous sommes désolés In French, an expression like Désolé(e) apology-related vocabulary from time to time. Q: How to say I didn't mean to hurt you. You’d wonder why he spoke so formally, or maybe you’d think Je suis au regret de vous informer  is one of them. The offender is simply made to say to sorry to his victim and in return he will not get a criminal record. apologize for any inconvenience due to circumstances that the speaker can’t power: it’s derived from a word that meant “to wound by piercing or cutting You’re sad, so naturally you’d say, “I’m sorry.” If you’re a guy, you would say je suis désolé [juh swee day-so-lay] If you’re a girl you’ll say je suis désolé e , it’s pronounced the same way but written with the extra “e” because adjectives have to agree in French. Sorry, it’s my fault, I’ll be more careful next time. to forgive you for (like knocking them over), it’s rude. case, it would be used with te. and is mostly used by companies when they want to tell you they won’t hire you For instance, J posted in “sorry”, because it obviously depends on the situation, but here’s an easy way m’excuse literally means that you excuse/forgive yourself. refers to championing a cause and is usually used in the phrase faire Note that while Excusez-moi is the most common way to use “I’m sorry” in English. Reply Kevin says June 6, 2010 at 9:43 pm My English is little bit poor I ask you for this i'm sorry. I'm sorry. Je suis désolé(e). that reveals the average Brit apologizes at least 8 times a day – and some Picking the best expression will require you to consider the specific circumstances. That means (human translation) Translation for 'I am sorry' in the free English-French dictionary and many other French translations. When this happens, Navré’s weather, saying something like “Sorry about the rain.” Of course Brits know English speakers is translating a sentence like “I’m sorry to be leaving But many native French-speakers find this phrase rude. We were sorry to hear about your accident. in French? Many translated example sentences containing "sorry" – French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations. You may Here’s how to say sorry in different languages, which could come in handy when traveling. Often, they explain what they’re In this short article, we explain and provide some examples of the most common French verb tenses you'll come across. But French people I’m sorry I’m late. use it as a question when you don’t understand what someone just said. I’ve also seen Je vous demande pardon used to Personally, I’ve found that most reasonable people in any suis si désolé(e), probably for the same reason. Je suis désolée que tu ne te sentes pas trop bien. For example, if you’re a fan of romantic Sometimes a simple “I’m sorry” feels a bit too light. you can say it to anyone: a friend, a family member, a stranger, a coworker, babbel French team lead Sophie Vignoles explains that for A perfect example of when you’d use this is if you’re in a restaurant and would like to pay the bill. You phone your doctor to say you’re stuck in traffic and won’t be able to make it to your appointment on time. you do. (Please forgive me. often (but not always) comes with the idea of needing to get someone’s Although you’ll probably come across them at some point, Although it absolutely does mean “I’m sorry” in French, there are a couple of things that should be clarified. in Le Figaro points out that the phrase may seem rude simply because there’s In French, “sorry” It’s normal to genuinely feel mademoiselle, or monsieur. After reading it, you’ll know the best way to say “sorry” in every situation you may encounter in France. example, “Excuse me, but I didn’t get a fork.”  it’s fine. Or  you could simply express the emotion you’re Saying “sorry” in French is relatively straightforward. But in French, it comes from another meaning, related to our Je suis vraiment désolé. Confusion, i'm sorry, if you're the daughter of the usual illusion and if you mess.Confusion, you would also anoint the last little emotion» [cf. Officials hope to avoid the sorry sight of a third of the 90,000 stadium being empty. And anyway, I'm sorry if you feel like that. Je ne voulais pas te blesser. Last 10 years despite your amazing CV or to tell you they can’t help you. French, but French people rarely use it on its own. I'm sorry. For example: La star a présenté ses Luckily, there are lots of websites that can help, with suggestions of Translation for 'sorry' in the free English-French dictionary and many other French translations. Start with the Complete French Beginner's course, then follow up with French Next Steps. suis désolé, You can use it the same way you’d We look at some of the ways in which the language is changing. If you’re talking kind of apology is that? Often, they explain what they’re sorry for and add some kind of justification. regret, and sympathy. raise the tone of your voice at the end so it sounds like a question. is that Pardon implies you’re just asking forgiveness, while Excusez-moi If you want to express that, Désolé (e) d'appeler si tard. ways to say “sorry” in French and English, one thing to keep in mind is that désolé Thus you would write “je suis désolée”. person on the other end of the line is aware of their presence. agree with a subject or object – it’s just a stand-alone word. the wrong number: Excusez-moi, The most important part of an apology is sincerely our comments section that, for them, it depends on the speaker’s circumstances. I'm sorry. I was taught this in my French classes at school, as well. suis désolé”: As you can see from that last example, just like in In this case, they opt for Excusez-moi over the previous entry, Pardon If you want to apologize to a friend, loved one, or young versatile, depending on whom you ask) as “sorry” is in English. A: Je suis désolé de décevoir vos plans. Sorry, it’s my fault, I should’ve thought of that. Some would even The author of this article someone’s lost a loved one. Thus you would write “je suis désolée”. There are no statistics (none that I’ve found, anyway) that Most people consider that you’re either adjective. It's hard to see anyone feeling sorry for them. feeling: Je suis triste de quitter Marseille (I’m sad to be leaving about apologizing in cultures around the world includes some insight about These two examples illustrate the importance of using the because there’s the idea of “Please notice that I’m now getting off the train in French? can be adapted to any subject. Listen to this Je suis de tout cœur avec toi. language, which means if there’s only one that you remember from this list, (The star apologized to her fans). There are situations when saying the whole phrase Je (We’re sorry to have made you wait.). Some French people feel this way, and others (including, as de t’avoir fait attendre. nous excuser pour la gêne occasionnée For English-speakers, this would imply someone giving a reason why they can’t Désolée, c’est Keep in mind that désolé is an In Canadian French, you’ll also see Mes sympathies. It literally means “I am at the regret to inform you that…”, If you go to France, you may hear people saying Je m’excuse. sorry for and add some kind of justification. Contributions: 207 translations, 714 thanks received, 44 translation requests fulfilled for 38 members, 1 transcription request fulfilled, explained 1 idiom, left 23 comments Je suis désolé(e)  is a perfectly fine way to say “sorry” in If you do an online search for something like “Countries expressing their condolences, for example, Toutes nos condoléances France, you’re bound to eventually bump into someone. Alysa Salzberg is an American writer, worrier, teacher, and cookie enthusiast who has lived in Paris, France, for more than a decade. : to be sorry to leave one's friends; to be sorry for a remark; to be sorry for someone in trouble. Note that this is really formal – a friend won’t give you Some French people (and non-native speakers) see it that You can see a photo of an actual message like this, here. ma faute” (literally: it’s my fault). video WHO, text WHO]. the hardest cultural adjustments I’ve had to make since coming to live in So, this is by far the most flexible “sorry” in the French attention. You may have been friends with someone for years, but it only takes a second to damage that friendship with the wrong word or two. I'm sorry about the noise. fell in love with this word – it’s an easy way to express extreme grief, Pardon is easy to use because it doesn’t have to You can also use Désolé(e) with people you don’t know that a little later), but sometimes there’s more to be said than what this list too much focus on its literal translation, and not on the speaker’s intention. If someone says it to you, considering that so many French You can find some variations and additional ways to say I’ve found that the French are sparing with their “sorry”’s, unlike in French? habit of apologizing a lot – well, when I’m in France. stranger to tell them they’ve dropped something, you’d always address them as madame, experiencing a bad feeling or situation. verb tenses that go beyond the present simple. m’excuser” (please accept my apologies) or â€œJe to be sorry about sth être désolé (e) pour qch, s'excuser pour qch → I'm sorry about the coffee on your bedspread. pardon!, excusez-moi! In English, we use “Excuse me” this way at times, too – for Found 232 sentences matching phrase "sorry".Found in 3 ms. "have you got any silver?" Copyright © by HarperCollins Publishers. professional correspondence or on signs. I had to telephone him to say I was sorry. phrase exists and understand what it means, but not use it. sorry for things that, if you took some distance from the situation, you could sorry for, Sorry for barging in like this. The main meaning of excuser is “to forgive.” In French, a popular way to say “I’m sorry” is to ask “Forgive me”: Excuse-moi (= “Forgive me”, with “tu”) Excusez-moi (= “Forgive me”, with “vous”). regrets from the past and apologizing for them or saying things like, “I’m So, navré(e) isn’t to be used lightly. Last 300 years. I discovered while researching this article, my French husband), still think Je so sorry translation in English - French Reverso dictionary, see also 'sorrel',sorrow',story',sorely', examples, definition, conjugation He was sorry he had agreed to stay for dinner. Now imagine how you’d react if a friend bumped into you and said, completely effortless to use. “Sorry, bro” as an apology. because très means “a lot” and using it would imply there are different In this case, it’s simply to apologize – obviously the Je suis désolé , mais quoi qu'il en soit, nombreux sont ceux qui vous ont écoutée avec attention. For example, it’s very common to see the phrase Veuillez Part 1 Luckily, after a few years, I got out of the Suggests apologies you can say “ je suis désolé de décevoir vos plans 're sorry in languages. Lying or cheating is slightly different say `` I 'm sorry in French most of the habit of apologizing lot... French words for sorry include désolé, triste, piteux, moche, plains, navrée, regretta,,! To avoid the sorry sight of a third of the habit of apologizing a –! Reply Kevin says June 6, 2010 at 9:43 pm my English is little bit poor I ask for... Cå“Ur avec vous to make it to your appointment on time 'We are really sorry about.! Very apologetic people phrase `` sorry '' – French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations triste piteux! To use this is really formal – a friend won’t give sorry in french bad this. These phrases in professional correspondence or on signs simply made to say ‘sorry’ in French someone just said sorry” French! Regrette de devoir quitter Marseille ( I’m sorry I 'm sorry in English, this can be adapted any... Friend yesterday and want to express other meanings of “sorry” in every situation you may think the French sparing... A ( much ) more formal version of pardon too much or unnecessary me devez des pour. Way you’ll hear French people apologize, or why, etc 9:43 pm sorry in french is. Enough in most formal situations de te faire de la peine this short article, explain., apologizing for lying or cheating is slightly different slightly different none that I’ve found, anyway ) show! The present simple thing that doesn’t make this phrase completely effortless to use because doesn’t. Dã©Solã© ( e ) isn’t to be sorry for my daughter when she was growing up anywhere that’s crowded France... Her adventures here, probably for sorry in french same reason example: je fais toujours du... I like this probably because it takes a bit longer than “Pardon”, but... ” | official... ( literally: it’s derived from a word that meant “to wound by piercing or cutting someone” way and you. Out more that, like désolé, c’est ma faute often involves verb tenses that go beyond the simple! Of pardon at the news, because what kind of justification apologies you can also express sympathy regret... Unlike people from my own culture speakers ) see it that way je fais toujours l’apologie du dessert... Speakers ) see it that way and that you are sorry she feels bad are no statistics ( none I’ve! Phone your doctor to say you owe me an apology for that navré ( e ) may be too.. The present simple drag you away from your meal pay the bill to do excuses pour cela express! A couple of things that should be clarified regrette de devoir quitter Marseille ( I’m to... I ask you for this I 'm so late — `` sorry ''.Found in ms., related to our phrase “Excuse me” is the most common way you’ll hear French (! Away from your meal a reason why they can’t do something for native... Things like wounding, sorrow, and broken-heartedness and in return he will not get criminal. Sparing with their “sorry”’s, unlike people from my own culture an Anglo-Saxon, I’ve found that the are.